Lizett Schreiber

Lizett Schreiber

School Board, Olentangy-Lewis, OH

2023 Endorsement

Lizett is an attorney, mother of 4, and a passionate advocate for public education. Raised in Houston, Texas, by Mexican immigrant parents, Lizett understands firsthand the transformative power of a good education. Her own educational journey provided her with the necessary skills and knowledge for a successful career in law and public policy.

As a 15-year resident of Lewis Center, Lizett has witnessed the growth of the Olentangy area. With this in mind, she is committed to ensuring that there is sufficient building space to accommodate the influx of families while maintaining small class sizes. Lizett firmly believes in the importance of fighting for fair school funding from the statehouse to achieve this goal.

Furthermore, Lizett recognizes the potential for collaboration between the booming business sector in the area and the education system. By leveraging these opportunities, she aims to enhance workforce development programs and assist students in choosing the path that aligns with their individual strengths and interests.

Above all, Lizett celebrates the diversity and uniqueness of each student and family in the community. She is dedicated to fostering a culture of respect, empathy, and mutual understanding within the One Olentangy community.

With her valuable experience, unwavering dedication, and passion for education, Lizett Schreiber is committed to making a positive impact on her community.