Stephanie Morales

Stephanie Morales

State House, District 138, TX

2024 Endorsement

Stephanie is a former Harris County Assistant District Attorney who has redirected her focus towards representing children and families. With a comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced by communities, Stephanie places great importance on legislating with genuine concern for the welfare of children.

Her key objectives revolve around advocating for robust funding for public schools, ensuring access to well-paying job opportunities for all families, and addressing the essential needs of every Texan, such as the urgent issue of fixing the grid. Stephanie firmly believes in the transformative power of active involvement in local communities and aims to make herself readily available to the individuals she represents.

Leveraging her background in the legal field and her unwavering dedication to enhancing the lives of Texans, Stephanie aspires to be a influential voice for positive change. In her pursuit of making a lasting impact, she is committed to promoting policies and initiatives that will drive meaningful progress and create a brighter future for the people she serves.