Roberto Alves

Roberto Alves

Mayor, Danbury, CT

2023 Endorsement

Roberto, a resident of Danbury since the age of five, has a deep-rooted connection to both his community and his personal values. Raised by hardworking immigrant parents from Brazil, Roberto was taught the significance of perseverance and lending a helping hand to others, even in the face of adversity. Growing up undocumented posed its challenges, but Roberto's family always managed to find ways to overcome obstacles.

Professionally, Roberto has established himself as a successful Technical Sales Engineer. It was during his years in the local school system that he met his wife, Robyn. Recognizing the importance of staying true to their roots, Roberto and Robyn decided to build their family in Danbury. Remaining in their hometown meant a commitment to active community involvement, which led them to participate in local organizations, the Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO), and Roberto's service on the City Council.

Now, Roberto is seeking the role of Mayor, driven by a desire to reintroduce transparency, accountability, and honesty to City Hall. He aims to restore representative government, responsibly manage the city's finances, and ensure adequate funding for schools. Having witnessed the positive impact of taking action for the betterment of others, Roberto envisions a Danbury where the government fosters equity and remains accessible to all residents.

With his steadfast determination and passion for making a positive difference, Roberto embodies the qualities necessary for an effective and empathetic leader.