Amber Hott

Amber Hott

City Council, At-Large, Westminster, CO

2023 Endorsement

Amber is a dedicated advocate and committed community leader who is running for Westminster City Council. With a deep understanding of the challenges faced by many in their community, Amber is determined to make a positive impact.

Having experienced financial hardship themselves, Amber is well aware of the opportunities that are often lacking for individuals living below the poverty line. It is this empathy and firsthand knowledge that drive their passion for change. Amber's involvement as president of the Southern Poverty Law Center Club during their time in community college, as well as their studies in mental health at Regis University, have equipped them with valuable insights and a strong foundation to address pressing issues.

Amber's commitment to serving others extends beyond their education, having volunteered with organizations such as The Denver Rescue Mission, Project Angel Heart, and Habitat for Humanity. Additionally, as a member of the Jefferson County IDEA Task Force, Amber has actively contributed to initiatives promoting inclusion and equality.

Professionally, Amber works as a legislative aide in the Colorado State Senate, where they have gained invaluable experience in policy development. This occupation has taught them the importance of collaboration and the need to consider diverse perspectives when finding effective solutions.

Throughout their campaign, Amber aims to prioritize key areas such as food accessibility, the housing crisis, and conservation. Their comprehensive understanding of these issues, combined with their educational background and policy expertise, will enable Amber to bring a much-needed and unique perspective to the City Council.

With their unwavering dedication, Amber is prepared to serve the residents of Westminster and work tirelessly to create a more equitable and prosperous community for all.