Stephen Meno

Stephen Meno

Selectman, Ward 3, Manchester, NH

2023 Endorsement

Stephen is an experienced educator and urban planning professional with a strong background in municipal government and election administration. Currently, he is a candidate for the position of Selectman for Ward 3 in Manchester. Stephen has previously served as a dedicated Ballot Inspector for Ward 3, where he ensured a fair and transparent voting process. In recognition of his expertise, he was also appointed as an Alternate to the Planning Board.

Stephen's commitment to his community extends beyond his professional endeavors. He resides in the eastern side of Ward 3 with his partner, Colin, and together they are actively involved in restoring their charming old house. Stephen's deep investment in his neighborhood drives his passion for effective and responsible urban planning.

With his extensive knowledge, experience, and dedication, Stephen is well-equipped to represent the residents of Ward 3 as their Selectman. His forward-thinking approach and ability to navigate the complexities of municipal government make him a valuable candidate for this important role. Stephen's commitment to fairness, transparency, and community engagement make him an excellent choice for Ward 3 residents who are seeking a progressive and empathetic representative.