Nicole Miller

Nicole Miller

City Council, At-Large, Portage, MI

2023 Endorsement

Nicole, a dedicated resident of Portage for 38 years, has announced her candidacy for Portage City Council. With a background as a Physical Therapist Assistant, Nicole brings a unique blend of compassion, empathy, and determination to make a positive impact on the community she loves.

In addition to her professional experience, Nicole has also served on the Kalamazoo County Aeronautics Board for the past seven years. Her appointment by county commissioners is a testament to her commitment to public service and her ability to bring valuable insights to the table.

Nicole's platform focuses on fostering responsible growth, preserving green spaces, and promoting transparent communication within the community. She believes that by actively listening, understanding, and leading the citizens of Portage, she can help build a city that residents can be even prouder to call home.

With a fresh perspective and a passion for making a difference, Nicole aims to bring new momentum to Portage. Her vision for the city is one of inclusivity, collaboration, and progress. Through her dedication and leadership, she is committed to creating a vibrant and thriving community for all residents.

As a candidate for Portage City Council, Nicole is ready to roll up her sleeves and work tirelessly to represent the interests of the community. With her experience, compassion, and drive, she is well-prepared to make a lasting and positive impact on Portage.