Sade Elhawary

Sade Elhawary

State House, District 57, CA

2024 Endorsement

Sade is a committed community leader, organizer, and educator who has dedicated herself to making a positive impact in South Los Angeles. Coming from a background as the daughter of immigrants and belonging to the Black and Brown community, Sade places a strong emphasis on fostering community solidarity and amplifying the voices of everyday individuals.

With a passion for justice and equity, Sade aims to address systemic disparities by authoring and advocating for legislation that promotes racial equality, safety, and dignity. Her legislative priorities encompass a wide range of issues, including universal healthcare, equitable funding for public schools, affordable and accessible higher education, long-term solutions for the housing and houseless crises, workers’ rights, and creating a greener and more sustainable environment that nurtures healthy, vibrant communities.

Through her unwavering dedication to championing these causes, Sade seeks to ensure that the residents of South Los Angeles have an equal opportunity to thrive. By advocating for policies that uplift and empower individuals from all walks of life, Sade is committed to creating a brighter future where everyone can access the resources they need to succeed.