Alison Coombs

Alison Coombs

City Council, At-Large, Aurora, CO

2023 Endorsement

Alison serves as an Aurora City Council Member, making history as the first openly LGBTQ+ individual elected to council in the city. With her dedication and passion for public service, she has been actively serving since 2019.

Aside from her role on council, Alison is also a devoted working mom who takes joy in raising her wonderful and inquisitive toddler. Professionally, she works in case management, focusing on adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities who reside in host homes and family caregiver settings. As a member of the Colorado Care Workers Unite! Union under SEIU Local 105, she actively supports the rights and welfare of care workers across the state.

As a policymaker, Alison is committed to championing economic and social justice, as well as environmental stewardship. She firmly believes in addressing public safety concerns by relying on evidence-based approaches that tackle the underlying causes. In pursuit of these goals, Councilmember Coombs has taken the initiative to sponsor various legislations aimed at raising minimum wages, securing funding for affordable housing, protecting immigrant communities, and establishing resident committees to enhance civic engagement and promote environmental sustainability. Furthermore, she has consistently opposed legislations that contribute to the traumatic displacement of homeless encampments, enforce mandatory minimum sentences for property crimes, or withdraw city funding for social support programs.

With her drive and determination, Alison continues to work tirelessly toward improving the lives of Aurora residents, striving to create a safe, inclusive, and thriving community for all.