Mariel Olcoz

Mariel Olcoz

County Board, Buckland, Franklin County, MA

2024 Endorsement

Mariel is a candidate for Select Board in Buckland, Massachusetts for the upcoming 2024 election. She holds a degree in Humanities with a focus on Political Science from the University of Central Florida. With a commitment to addressing the needs and concerns of the Buckland community, Olcoz is running on a platform that reflects the results of resident questionnaires.

Affordable housing, education and school safety, as well as access to healthcare and senior resources rank among the top priorities for Buckland residents. Recognizing the growing frequency of flooding in the area, Olcoz aims to proactively address climate change as well.

In her current role as a member of the Planning Board, Olcoz is actively involved in efforts to update the floodplain and manage issues related to short-term rentals. By addressing these challenges, she hopes to make long-term housing more attainable for the residents of Buckland, ensuring a sustainable and thriving community.

With her strong educational background, dedication to the needs of the community, and experience in local government, Mariel is a promising candidate who is fully committed to serving the residents of Buckland.