Nancy Bowen

Nancy Bowen

City Commission, At-Large, Coral Springs, FL

2024 Endorsement

Nancy is a trailblazing environmentalist who has made history as the first Black and Haitian-American woman Commissioner of Coral Springs. With an unwavering commitment to social, environmental, and reproductive justice, she has become a passionate advocate for positive change.

One of Nancy's notable accomplishments has been the appointment of a Sustainability Manager in Coral Springs, ultimately leading to the establishment of a dedicated Sustainability Office within the city. As an accomplished Environmental Scientist, she tirelessly advocates for causes that promote water quality, sanitation, and public health.

Nancy's dedication to advancing sustainability and resilience in Coral Springs extends beyond environmental concerns. She actively supports local businesses and works towards promoting clean energy technologies. Bowen's unwavering leadership has made a significant impact in the community, inspiring others to take action and contribute to creating a more sustainable and equitable future for all.