David Combs

David Combs

Township Supervisor, Kalamazoo, MI

2024 Endorsement

David is a candidate for Kalamazoo Township Supervisor with a vision to bring progressive and transparent leadership to Southwest Michigan. With a strong belief in the inherent value of every individual, David is dedicated to serving the community in any way possible. Currently, he serves on the Kalamazoo Township Zoning Board of Appeals, County Board of Public Works, and acts as the County Representative to the local Regional Planning Council. In addition, he holds the position of operations manager for the Union of Concerned Scientists, a widely respected national research and advocacy nonprofit.

David's passion for public service began at an early age, inspired by his single mother who worked as a state social worker. Witnessing the positive impact that advocacy combined with government service can have on a community, he embarked on a career as a campaigner for progressive policies. His advocacy efforts have spanned from local city councillors to Congress, tackling important issues such as vaccine accessibility and nuclear disarmament. However, David ultimately decided to focus his energy on addressing the everyday concerns that Michiganders face, including access to housing, healthcare, and quality public infrastructure. He is also deeply committed to ensuring the rights of every individual to live their true identity in a safe and welcoming community.

David firmly believes that local government should be transparent and inclusive, working towards creating sustainable and equitable communities. He is determined to provide Kalamazoo Township with the kind of leadership that prioritizes these values. With his campaign, David aims to make Kalamazoo Township a better, more inclusive, and vibrant place to call home.