Dante Pittman

Dante Pittman

State House, District 24, NC

2024 Endorsement

Dante, a proud native of Wilson County, has deep roots in the community, with his family having a long-standing presence in the area. After completing his education in the Wilson County Public Schools, Dante pursued higher studies at UNC-Chapel Hill, where he was able to capitalize on the immense opportunities provided by public education.

Driven by his desire to give back to the close-knit small town community that nurtured him, Dante assumed key leadership roles in the City of Wilson. Serving as the Assistant to the City Manager and Human Relations Director, he actively contributed to the development and growth of the city. Furthermore, Dante's commitment to service extends beyond his local community, as he currently holds an officer position in the North Carolina Army National Guard.

Dante's dedication to making a positive impact in Wilson is evident through his involvement in various initiatives. As the Chair of the Wilson County Department of Social Services Board of Directors, he actively works towards fostering a stronger, more inclusive community. Additionally, Dante is an active participant in the Wilson Education Partnership, striving to enhance the quality of public education in the area. His engagement in his faith community at St. Timothy's Episcopal Church further reflects his commitment to building bridges and promoting positive change.

Looking ahead, Dante has set his sights on improving the lives of individuals in eastern North Carolina. With a focus on advocating for affordable housing, strengthening public education, and fostering economic opportunities, he aims to be a champion for the diverse needs of the region.

As a driven and community-oriented individual, Dante is dedicated to leveraging his skills and experiences to create a brighter and more prosperous future for all residents of eastern North Carolina.l