Kristin Christensen

Kristin Christensen

State Board of Education, Lincoln and Lancaster County, NE

2024 Endorsement

Kristin is a passionate advocate for students and teachers throughout Nebraska, firmly believing in the significance of a robust education system. She has set her sights on representing District 1 on the Nebraska State Board of Education, with the ultimate goal of ensuring her own children, as well as all children in the state, have access to a top-tier education.

Throughout her career, Kristin has dedicated herself to making a difference as a special education and academic intervention teacher. This role has provided her with invaluable opportunities to work closely with diverse students and families, honing her understanding of the needs and challenges they face in the educational sphere. Leveraging this firsthand experience, she brings a unique perspective to her future role as a member of the State Board of Education.

In her new position, Kristin will draw upon her extensive knowledge and expertise to drive positive change within the education system. She is committed to advocating for policies and programs that promote academic excellence, individual growth, and inclusivity for all Nebraska students. With her unwavering dedication and strong background, Kristin is poised to make a profound impact on education in District 1 and beyond.