Pearl Ricks

Pearl Ricks

State House, District 23, LA

2023 Endorsement

Pearl, a Philadelphia native, grew up with a deep understanding of the disparities in treatment among individuals. Their experience as a student in the Philadelphia public schools highlighted the unequal access to resources, as they often had to share books and make do with outdated materials. This eye-opening experience continued when Pearl moved to a more affluent suburb, where they witnessed firsthand the stark contrast in educational opportunities available to different communities.

Motivated by their belief in equal opportunities for all, Pearl has become a dedicated activist. Their unwavering commitment to ensuring that every young person has the chance to thrive continues to drive their advocacy work.

Now, Pearl has set their sights on a new challenge: running for State Representative. Recognizing the importance of having a champion who truly understands the needs and concerns of the community, they are stepping up to represent District 23. By leveraging their personal experiences and unwavering dedication to equality, Pearl aims to address the pressing issues faced by their constituents and fight for a fair and inclusive society.

Pearl's vision for a community where everyone can call it home requires bold and compassionate leadership. With their unique perspective and dedication to leveling the playing field, Pearl is poised to make a lasting impact as the representative for District 23.