Branden Fletcher Dominguez

Branden Fletcher Dominguez

State House, District 3, DE

2024 Endorsement

Branden is an accomplished Afro-Latino organizer and advocate based in Delaware. With a strong track record in fighting for housing rights, fees & fines reform, and ending gun violence, he is now seeking to represent the third district in Wilmington. Branden's top priorities include advocating for open streets, promoting environmental justice, pushing for universal health care, and investing in young people.

As a committed community organizer, Branden has excelled in bringing people together to hold those in power accountable. He has played a pivotal role in the passing of basic tenant protections, which has been crucial in safeguarding the interests of vulnerable individuals. Branden's dedication to his community extends beyond his grassroots efforts. He established a successful advocacy non-profit that effectively serves the Westside community through the Americorps' Public Allies program. This organization continues to rally the community to drive positive change throughout the 3rd District.

In 2021, witnessing the unfortunate displacement of his neighbors in his building, Branden took it upon himself to provide much-needed support. He began organizing tenants to help them navigate the complex eviction system. His tireless work with the Eviction Defense Project and policy advocacy resulted in a groundbreaking milestone: the Delaware Supreme Court's decision allowing Qualified Tenant Advocates to represent tenants in eviction cases. This ruling has significantly improved tenant access to legal aid, ensuring fairer outcomes for those facing housing instability.

Branden's passion for creating a brighter future for all is deeply rooted in his personal experiences and unwavering commitment. Through his advocacy, he strives to turn these aspirations into reality.