Derek Avery, Sr

Derek Avery, Sr

County Board, District 3, Dallas County, TX

2024 Endorsement

Derek, a dedicated resident of Dallas County Commissioner District 3 for almost ten years, is passionate about enacting positive change in housing, economic development, and transportation. With a background as a community-based real estate developer, Derek brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his campaign.

As a proud father of three children, Derek understands the importance of creating a strong and prosperous community for future generations. He has actively served on the boards of four community nonprofit organizations: NTARUPT (North Texas Alliance to Reduce Unintended Pregnancy in Teens), Faith in Texas, Green careers Dallas, and The Friends of Juanita Craft Civil Rights Museum. Derek's commitment to these organizations showcases his dedication to improving various aspects of the community.

Furthermore, Derek currently holds the position of chairman of the Homeownership stream for Project Reach, a federal initiative led by the office of the Comptroller. Through this role, he collaborates with key stakeholders to promote and support homeownership initiatives, recognizing its significance in fostering stable and thriving communities.

Derek's candidacy for Dallas County Commissioner District 3 represents his desire to make transformative changes in housing, economic development, and transportation. With his extensive community involvement and real estate development background, Derek has the experience needed to address the unique challenges faced by the district. By voting for Derek, residents can trust that their concerns will be heard and effective solutions will be implemented.