Claire Valdez

Claire Valdez

State Assembly, District 37, NY

2024 Endorsement

Claire is a Latina, a democratic socialist and she is dedicated to creating a better future for all. With a strong background in union organizing and a deep commitment to the rights of workers, she is driven to challenge the inequalities and hardships faced by many in our society.

As the unit chair of her UAW Local 2110 shop, Claire has firsthand experience of the struggles faced by workers and the constant attempts by employers to undermine their collective power. She actively organizes campaigns not only to uphold the hard-won rights and benefits outlined in their contracts but also to empower her coworkers to believe in the possibility of positive change within their workplace and their community.

Claire has played pivotal roles in numerous campaigns aimed at addressing some of the most pressing issues of our time. This includes advocating for progressive tax reforms to ensure that the wealthy contribute their fair share and fighting for the strengthening of union power in Queens. Additionally, she has been instrumental in the successful election of local socialist candidates who are committed to challenging the current status quo.

Notably, Claire was also involved in a significant organizing effort to democratize the UAW and elect reform-minded individuals to union leadership. This transformative campaign not only revolutionized the UAW but also played a crucial role in initiating a new era of labor militancy across the nation.

With a deep understanding of the realities faced by working-class individuals and a firm belief in the power of collective action, Claire is determined to enact meaningful and lasting change in her pursuit of justice and equality for all.