Jaime Churches

Jaime Churches

State House, District 27, MI

2024 Endorsement

Jaime is an esteemed educator and respected member of the Downriver community who currently serves in the Michigan Legislature. Born and raised in Downriver, she has deep roots in the area and a personal commitment to its growth and prosperity. With an impressive background in education, including 11 years of teaching fifth grade, as well as serving as her union's vice president, Jaime is well-equipped to address the needs of her constituents with unwavering dedication.

In her role as a legislator, Jaime has made significant contributions to critical issues facing the state. Her extensive knowledge and experience in labor matters, education policies, and infrastructure have positioned her as a valuable asset in Lansing. Serving on notable committees such as labor, ethics, energy, elections, and education, she has shown a remarkable ability to navigate complex matters and advocate for positive change.

Jaime's noteworthy achievement in her first year of service was successfully sponsoring a bill for universal background checks on firearms. Understandably driven by the safety concerns faced by educators and the undeniable need to protect students from potential school shootings, she has been instrumental in advancing the conversation surrounding gun legislation in Michigan. Her tireless efforts have made a lasting impact on the education sector and beyond.

Recognizing the ongoing infrastructure challenges within the Downriver community, Jaime has been actively collaborating with the local senator to address this pressing issue. Focusing on the community's well-being and access to essential services, she has been diligently working towards resolving the infrastructure obstacles that have burdened residents, especially in emergency situations requiring timely access to hospitals.

Jaime is a dynamic and dedicated legislator who prioritizes the needs of her community and diligently works towards sustainable solutions. Her passion for public service and commitment to making a tangible difference shines through in all aspects of her work. With her comprehensive understanding of key issues, Jaime is undoubtedly a valuable advocate for the Downriver community in the Michigan Legislature.