Thomas Horrocks

Thomas Horrocks

State House, District 62, IN

2024 Endorsement

Thomas, a candidate for state representative in Indiana, is driven by a strong belief that the citizens of his state deserve a better future. Coming from a background as an everyday Hoosier, Thomas understands firsthand the challenges of carving out a successful life. He is a proud product of public education and is the first in his family to graduate from college. Together with his wife Adriane, they are working hard to support their blended family, including their children who are navigating the public school system and college.

With a mission to help individuals, families, and communities thrive, Thomas has dedicated nearly a decade of his life to serving Hoosiers as a church pastor and military chaplain. Through his work, he gained a deep understanding of the systemic issues impacting those he served. Recognizing the limitations of charity alone, Thomas realized the need for meaningful policy change to address these challenges.

Motivated by his passion for making a difference in public policy, Thomas is running to represent Indiana House District 62. He is determined to bring about impactful change and is tired of the single-party rule in Indiana that prioritizes powerful special interests and culture wars over the needs of Hoosiers.

As the Democratic candidate in a highly competitive legislative race, Thomas possesses a unique advantage. He has proven himself to be a skilled listener, learner, and bridge-builder. His commitment lies in fighting for effective solutions that benefit the hardworking people of Indiana.

Thomas's campaign offers a refreshing perspective and a genuine dedication to building a better future for all Hoosiers.