Matthew Ahn

Matthew Ahn

County Prosecutor, Cuyahoga County, OH

2024 Endorsement

Matthew is a candidate running for Cuyahoga County prosecutor with a strong passion for justice and equality. With a background as both a law professor and former public defender, Matthew understands firsthand the impact that the criminal justice system can have on individuals and communities.

Motivated by the alarming rates of racial disparities and poor outcomes in Cuyahoga County, Matthew is determined to reverse this trend and ensure justice for all. His approach includes targeting crimes that directly harm the community, advocating for the interests of the people, breaking the cycle of trauma, and providing rehabilitation services to those in need.

Matthew's journey into law was inspired by his experience teaching low-income and first-generation community college students in Cleveland. This passion led him to study law under the guidance of the founder and director of the Equal Justice Initiative. Throughout his career as a special education attorney and public defender, Matthew has achieved numerous wins at all levels of the justice system.

In addition to his legal expertise, Matthew has dedicated the last few years to teaching at Cleveland State University College of Law, where he was honored by his students as the Faculty Member of the Year in 2023. Outside of his professional achievements, Matthew has also showcased his knowledge on the popular TV game show, Jeopardy!, and holds two Guinness World Records. As an avid fan, he supports the Cleveland Cavaliers.

With his extensive experience and commitment to justice, Matthew is determined to make a positive difference in Cuyahoga County.