Yara Zokaie

Yara Zokaie

State House, District 52, CO

2024 Endorsement

Yara is a dedicated advocate and tax attorney running for House District 52 in Fort Collins, Colorado. As a first generation Iranian American and a mother of three, Yara is determined to create a better future for families and working individuals in her community.

Yara's passion for improving the lives of others is fueled by her own experience as a parent. She has been a strong advocate for paid family leave, understanding the importance of allowing new parents the necessary time off work to bond with their newborns. Yara has actively supported this cause by knocking on thousands of doors in Northern Colorado, raising awareness and promoting policies that benefit families.

Additionally, Yara co-founded the nonprofit organization, Latino Coalition, with a focus on increasing representation for people of color and underserved communities. Through her work with this organization, Yara has witnessed the continued underrepresentation of these communities, and she is committed to changing this narrative. If elected, Yara will prioritize bringing vulnerable communities to the forefront of her decision making, ensuring their voices are heard.

With her professional background as a tax attorney and County Deputy Assessor, Yara possesses a wealth of tax expertise that would greatly benefit the Capitol. Her unique skill set would bring a fresh perspective to the table and enable her to effectively address tax-related issues.

Yara's campaign relies on the support and engagement of the community. To get involved and join Yara's movement in Fort Collins, Colorado, please visit www.yaraforco.com. By supporting Yara, you are endorsing a candidate who is dedicated to creating a better Colorado for all.