Millicent Rogers

Millicent Rogers

School Board, Consolidated District B, Durham, NC

2024 Endorsement

Millicent is an experienced and dedicated advocate for public education currently serving on the Durham Public Schools Board of Education. With a strong background as a single mother and a deep commitment to equity, Millicent has made significant contributions during her two-year tenure. She played a pivotal role in passing a comprehensive LGBTQIA+ policy, championed the creation of a Black and Hispanic student achievement plan through a proactive resolution, and ensured classified staff received well-deserved raises.

In her bid for a full four-year term, Millicent aims to continue her impactful work and pursue new initiatives to create an even more sustainable community. She plans to leverage federal funding to provide training opportunities for youth, preparing them for the emerging field of green jobs. Millicent also prioritizes strengthening school culture and fostering stronger connections between schools and families. By working towards educator retention and recruitment, Millicent intends to provide a stable and supportive environment for educators to thrive and make a lasting impact.

With her proven track record of advocacy and dedication, Millicent is well-equipped to take on the challenges facing Durham's education system. Her vision for a more equitable and sustainable future, along with her focus on strengthening connections and supporting educators, will undoubtedly benefit the entire community.