Andrew Meindl

Andrew Meindl

Mayor, Wauwatosa, WI

2024 Endorsement

Andrew is a passionate advocate for strong and healthy communities, with a particular interest in urban planning. His childhood fascination with the intricacies of community development led him to spend countless hours immersed in the SimCity video game, where he tirelessly built and fine-tuned the ideal city. Andrew's virtual metropolis embodied his vision of a walkable, adaptable, equitable, socially connected, and secure community, complemented by transparent and accessible governance.

Driven by this deep-rooted passion, Andrew pursued his educational path in the field of urban planning. He obtained a bachelor's degree in Urban and Public Affairs, followed by a master's degree in Urban Planning and Policy from the University of Illinois Chicago. With this solid foundation, Andrew embarked on a lifelong career dedicated to public service.

Throughout his professional journey, Andrew has served in various impactful roles. He has worked as a program specialist and project manager for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, contributing to environmental initiatives. Andrew also served as a grant specialist for the U.S. Forest Service and a project manager for the General Services Administration, where he facilitated the successful completion of critical projects. In addition to his professional endeavors, Andrew actively participates in volunteering efforts, including Habitat for Humanity's home-building projects and serving on the National Veterans Art Museum Board. Furthermore, he has been an elected member of his local neighborhood association, actively championing the needs of his community.

Outside of work and volunteering, Andrew finds immense joy in his personal life. He cherishes spending quality time with his wife and two young sons, engaging in various activities that allow them to explore nature and create lasting memories together.