Eric Stafford

Eric Stafford

State Senate, District 29, AZ

2024 Endorsement

Eric is a born and raised Arizonan whose upbringing instilled in him a critical view of the political landscape. Growing up in a MAGA household and witnessing corporate corruption and inaction on climate change, Eric felt disheartened by the state of politics. After completing technical training and becoming a certified Airplane Mechanic & Machinist, he decided to pursue a career in veterinary medicine, driven by a desire for a more ethical and environmentally conscious path.

Through his varied experiences, Eric gained firsthand insight into the challenges faced by blue-collar workers, witnessed workplace injustices, and encountered the conservative leanings of the aviation industry. Additionally, his exposure to healthcare services deepened his compassion for others and their struggles.

These encounters fueled Eric's determination to effect change and drive progress. He envisions a political landscape that prioritizes unity and leads to prosperity across all policies. Eric firmly believes that politicians have a responsibility to reject dark money, uphold public service, and safeguard America's climate, safety, and overall well-being. Considering corporations' obligations to their shareholders, he emphasizes the importance of politicians prioritizing the best interests of the American people.

Eric's background and passion have prepared him to make a meaningful impact on the political arena. With a pragmatic approach and a commitment to unity, he seeks to create a government that works for all Americans, addressing the issues that matter most to everyday citizens.