Edwin Bautista

Edwin Bautista

City Council, District 7, Austin, TX

2024 Endorsement

Edwin is a dedicated community advocate specializing in local governance and urban planning. With a firm belief in the need for generational change within the Austin City Council, Edwin is focused on bringing diverse representation that truly serves all Austinites. Running for office in District 7, his campaign is centered on promoting innovative and transparent local government, rethinking community engagement, tackling the affordable housing crisis, and guiding Austin towards prosperity.

As a member of Generation Z, Edwin brings fresh perspectives and novel ideas to the table. His main objective is to represent the underdogs—the hardworking individuals who deserve equal opportunities and a fair chance to thrive. Edwin boasts an esteemed educational background, holding both a Master of Science in Community and Regional Planning, as well as a Bachelor's degree in Urban Studies from The University of Texas at Austin.

Edwin has made significant contributions to the city of Austin throughout his career. He has served on various city commissions and panels, demonstrating his commitment to civic engagement. Additionally, Edwin has held leadership positions within neighborhood associations in Austin, further cementing his dedication to local communities.

Recently, Edwin has been working at Texas Housers, a reputable nonprofit organization committed to empowering low-income Texans by helping them achieve the dream of owning a decent, affordable home in a quality neighborhood.

With a strong emphasis on inclusivity and collaboration, Edwin is committed to actively listening to the voices of all community members, addressing their concerns, and working together to craft local policies that align with shared values and priorities. Through his efforts, Edwin hopes to make a positive and lasting impact on the city he calls home.