Megan Kocher

Megan Kocher

State House, District 119, PA

2024 Endorsement

Megan is a native of Northeastern Pennsylvania, born and raised in the 119th district. She attended the Greater Nanticoke Area public school system before pursuing a dual bachelor's degree in political science and history from Wilkes University. Currently, she is working towards a master's degree in criminal justice.

With a deep dedication to advocacy work and community organizing, Megan has made it her career focus. She currently resides in Plymouth with her husband, Joe, and their two dogs, Titus and Stella, in close proximity to her parents, siblings, in-laws, and many nephews. Megan's strong connection to family and community serves as the driving force behind her desire to make positive improvements that can impact those closest to her.

Megan's campaign centers around the goal of creating a more unified and prosperous community for all. Through her community organizing efforts, she has connected with voters across Luzerne county on a personal level, listening to their struggles and ideas for necessary improvements. This, combined with her own experiences, shapes her vision to bring about meaningful and impactful changes in the 119th district.

Education funding, opportunities for working class families, affordable and accessible healthcare, and protecting reproductive rights are paramount amongst Megan's values. She recognizes the current political climate's polarization and seeks to utilize her extensive educational background, community organizing experience, knowledge of Pennsylvania politics, and passion for helping people to bring her beloved community together.