Amanda Cappelletti

Amanda Cappelletti

State Senate, District 17, PA

2024 Endorsement

Amanda is a state senator and dedicated public servant seeking re-election to Pennsylvania State Senate District 17. Since her initial election in 2020, Senator Cappelletti has effectively championed critical causes such as reproductive health, combatting climate change, and addressing the urgent issue of gun violence. Her tireless efforts have resulted in the introduction of key legislation to protect the right to read by preventing book bans, establish paid leave for individuals who experience pregnancy loss, and overhaul Pennsylvania's e-waste recycling program.

In addition to her impactful legislative accomplishments, Senator Cappelletti has proudly made history as the first person to give birth while serving in the Pennsylvania State Senate. This remarkable milestone reflects her unwavering commitment to women's rights and her ability to juggle the responsibilities of both motherhood and public service.

Senator Cappelletti is a resident of East Norriton Township, where she resides with her husband, daughter, and two beloved dogs. Her personal experiences and compassionate approach to policymaking fuel her dedication to improving the lives of those in her district and beyond.

As she seeks re-election, Senator Cappelletti's staunch advocacy for important causes has positioned her as a steadfast leader, always ready to fight for a more inclusive, just, and sustainable Pennsylvania. With her proven track record of impactful legislation and her unmatched devotion to her community, Senator Amanda Cappelletti remains a formidable force in Pennsylvania politics.