Rebekah Stewart

Rebekah Stewart

State House, District 30, CO

2024 Endorsement

Rebekah is a therapist with a strong background in the disability community, where she has served as a Medicaid provider for the majority of her career. Currently, she proudly represents a significant portion of House District 30 as a city councilor in Lakewood.

With a profession in music therapy spanning a decade, Rebekah is passionate about finding innovative solutions to help individuals thrive and lead fulfilling lives. This same approach guides her work on the City Council, and she is dedicated to continuing this approach at the State Capitol.

Rebekah's decision to run for the State House stems from her firsthand experience on the City Council. Through her service, she recognizes the need and opportunity for collaboration with partners at the state level who possess an understanding of the unique needs of their local communities. Together, they can tackle complex issues such as housing affordability and mental health services for students in schools.

As a firm believer in the importance of having individuals from helping professions in political office, Rebekah brings valuable real-world expertise to the table. She strives to lead with compassion, empathy, and the ability to collaborate effectively with others. Rebekah is committed to creating a level playing field for hardworking Coloradans, while upholding her core values and prioritizing community well-being.