Anna Payne

Anna Payne

State House, District 142, PA

2024 Endorsement

Anna is a motivated candidate running for State Representative for the 142nd District. With a strong background in public service and a lifelong residency in Middletown, she brings a record of experience that uniquely qualifies her to serve her constituents.

Since 2020, Anna has served on the township board of supervisors, where she has been dedicated to fighting for issues that improve people's quality of life. In this role, she has contributed to the creation of the Human Relations Council and the implementation of the first-ever climate action plan.

In addition to her local contributions, Anna is the vice-chair of the Pennsylvania Rare Disease Council and co-founder of the Bucks County Cystic Fibrosis Alliance. As someone diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at birth, Anna has not only overcome adversity but has thrived as a leader advocating for change. Her personal experiences have shaped her commitment to bringing positive change to her community.

If elected as the representative for her district, Anna is determined to address the issues that matter the most to her constituents. This includes lowering the cost of healthcare, ensuring community safety, increasing access to life-saving cancer screenings, reducing the cost of living for residents, protecting reproductive rights, and standing up for fundamental freedoms for all Pennsylvanians.

With Anna's passion, experience, and dedication to service, she is ready to lead and make a difference in Harrisburg. Her focus on improving the lives of her constituents demonstrates her commitment to creating a better future for her community.