Luisa Santos

Luisa Santos

School Board, District 9, Miami-Dade County, FL

2024 Endorsement

Luisa is an accomplished individual who has made significant achievements in the education sector. As the youngest-ever elected member of the school board, she has brought a fresh perspective to the 3rd largest school district in the nation. Luisa's own educational journey in Miami's public schools has shaped her passion for improving the system.

Recognized as the Young Entrepreneur of the Year by the Florida SBA, Luisa has demonstrated her innovative spirit and entrepreneurial mindset. She is well-known for her work running a 3rd-grade literacy and advocacy program, where she made a positive impact on young students and helped them reach their full potential.

Luisa's dedication to education extends beyond her direct involvement with students. She has also served on the board of education non-for-profits, further highlighting her commitment to improving the overall quality of education in her community.

Since joining the school board in 2020, Luisa has proven herself as a capable and forward-thinking leader. Her focus on equity and her courageous approach to challenging the status quo have delivered tangible outcomes for the next generation. Her track record speaks for itself (, and she continues to make strides towards her vision of transforming the education system.

There is no doubt that Luisa is just getting started. With her expertise, knowledge, and unwavering determination, she is poised to leave a lasting impact on the education landscape, ensuring a brighter future for students in her district.