Ramón Barthelemy

Ramón Barthelemy

State House, District 24, UT

2024 Endorsement

Ramón is a candidate running for the Utah State House of Representatives, with a passion for representing his neighbors and making positive change. With a background in LGBTQ+ advocacy and Hispanic heritage, Ramón has firsthand experience with the challenges faced by marginalized and underserved communities in both professional and educational settings.

Having earned his BS in Astrophysics from Michigan State University, followed by a PhD in Physics Education Research from Western Michigan University, Ramón has dedicated his career to promoting inclusivity and changing national policies to support underrepresented groups in the sciences. His collaboration with civil rights attorneys and impactful research showcases his commitment to fostering a more equitable society.

As a science professor at the University of Utah, Ramón has generated over $5 million to bolster the local economy and support marginalized communities in the field of sciences. Fueled by his previous accomplishments, he is now shifting his focus to Utah politics, aiming to create a more inclusive environment in the beehive state.

If elected, Ramón will not only bring a unique personal perspective but also leverage his professional skills to lead the state in science-minded legislation and prioritize the welfare of communities. As the first openly gay Hispanic legislator in Utah, as well as the first physics professor and science policy professional in the House, he will bring a fresh and diverse voice to the table.

Having experienced a working-class upbringing himself and having utilized education as a pathway to success, Ramón intends to leverage his position to break down barriers and create opportunities for others throughout Utah. His vision for a more inclusive and supportive society will drive his efforts as a representative, ensuring that the needs and aspirations of all Utah residents are heard and valued.