April Van Dyke

April Van Dyke

Judge, Department 1, Humboldt County, CA

2024 Endorsement

April is a candidate for the position of Superior Court Judge in Humboldt County. With a strong commitment to her community, she is dedicated to making Humboldt County an even better place to call home. Despite being labeled as an outsider or a newcomer, April takes pride in her unique perspective. Growing up in a humble background as the daughter of a mechanic and a schoolteacher, she understands the value of hard work and determination.

Being the first lawyer in her family, April's passion for justice led her to represent clients who couldn't afford legal representation after graduating from law school. Her extensive experience in public defense exposed her to the flaws within the legal system and sparked her determination to uphold fairness. Witnessing firsthand the gaps in equal treatment, April is committed to promoting equality, inclusion, and honesty in the courtroom.

April's vision for Humboldt County encompasses bringing a restorative justice and mental health program to the community. She aims to address the disparity in sentencing for individuals of different races, working towards closing this gap. With her dedication and unique insight, April Van Dyke aspires to ensure that everyone receives the justice they deserve.