Kimberly Jean

Kimberly Jean

County Commissioner, District 5, Broward County, FL

2024 Endorsement

Kimberly is a compassionate and adaptable leader with a keen understanding of urgent community issues. With firsthand experience in interacting with law enforcement, the unhoused population, local government, and families, she brings a practical approach to addressing the challenges faced by District 5 and Broward County.

Motivated by personal experiences, including parenting a non-speaking son on the Autism spectrum and the loss of her mother and sister to breast cancer, Kimberly is well-equipped to address the pressing concerns of the community. She is particularly dedicated to tackling issues such as the high cost of living and housing, transportation problems, and the need to strengthen public safety and infrastructure against climate change.

Kimberly firmly believes in the importance of diverse representation and is passionate about amplifying the voices of retail workers, students, middle and low-income families, municipal workers, and individuals with disabilities. Recognizing the urgency of these matters, she emphasizes the need for swift action. These aren't simply policy matters; they have a direct impact on the lives of Broward County residents.

In addition to her advocacy for immediate concerns, Kimberly is committed to enhancing animal control services and providing support for multigenerational households. She also dedicates herself to advocating for the rights of minority communities and the LGBTQIA community.

With her deep understanding of the community's needs and her commitment to advocacy, Kimberly is poised to make a significant impact in District 5 and Broward County.