Finn Roberts

Finn Roberts

Trustee, Lodi Township, MI

2024 Endorsement

Finn, 22, is a multimedia artist with a strong passion for using art to create a positive impact on the community. Following in the footsteps of renowned queer artist Keith Haring, Finn embraces all forms of art and believes in making art accessible to the public. Engaging in public art events such as "Chalk the Block" in St. Joseph, MI since the age of 18, Finn creates art for personal fulfillment and welcomes others to experience his artistic world.

Additionally, Finn is a candidate for Trustee, aiming to promote environmental justice and enhance the accessibility of Lodi Township government for all constituents. Recognizing the urgent need for collaborative action in the face of escalating global emissions, Finn acknowledges the critical role of government leaders in safeguarding and restoring the environment.

In light of the challenges posed by climate change, Finn advocates for unity and proactive measures to address environmental concerns at every level of governance.