Angus Abercrombie

Angus Abercrombie

School Committee, Belmont, MA

2024 Endorsement

Angus is a dedicated candidate running for the School Committee seat in Belmont, MA. With a focus on addressing budget shortfalls, empowering students and families, and tackling critical mental health needs, Angus brings a grounded perspective and an approachable demeanor to the committee. Having graduated from Belmont's schools in 2022 and having grown up in town, he understands the unique challenges students face in their educational environments.

Beyond his academic achievements, Angus is a true community advocate. As a lifelong resident of Belmont, he has volunteered for local conservation and education organizations, serving his town with passion and dedication. Angus has also played an active role in non-profit organizations, serving on the steering committee to ensure young voices are heard in local government meetings.

Currently studying political communication and economics at Emerson College, Angus is actively involved in shaping education policies. He serves on the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, contributing valuable insights to curriculum development.

As a member of Belmont's representative Town Meeting, Angus has worked on a diverse range of issues, from commercial zoning reform to special education funding. Notably, he is the only candidate in his race who has successfully pushed policies through the town's legislature, demonstrating his effectiveness and commitment to creating positive change.

If elected on April 2nd, Angus will make history as the youngest ever and the only LGBTQ+ member of Belmont's School Committee. He is determined to bring fresh perspectives and inclusive leadership to the committee, ensuring that all students have equal opportunities for success.