Brad Chambers

Brad Chambers

State House, District 41, PA

2024 Endorsement

Brad is a dedicated advocate for change in Pennsylvania, driven by his passion for addressing inequalities in education, housing, and healthcare. With a firm belief that the status quo is no longer sufficient, Brad is committed to representing everyday people and working families, prioritizing their needs over special interests.

Having grown up in a single-parent household, Brad experienced firsthand the challenges faced by Lancaster County's working families. These experiences have endowed him with a profound understanding of the struggles faced by many in his community. After completing his education at Millersville University, Brad encountered housing insecurity and the difficulties of navigating a competitive job market during his early adulthood.

Today, as a Labor Administrator overseeing union contracts, Brad ensures fair and timely compensation for a workforce exceeding 5,000 individuals. His dedication to advocating for others extends beyond his professional role. Brad has diligently knocked on countless doors, both as a candidate and in support of fellow candidates at all levels of government.

If elected to the Pennsylvania State House to represent the 41st district, Brad will strive to make a positive impact. His primary objectives include addressing homelessness and reducing housing costs, making accessible and affordable single-payer healthcare a reality, and advocating for fair and comprehensive funding of public education throughout the state.

Given Brad's hands-on approach and commitment to his constituents, it's highly likely that he will be knocking on doors in the 41st district as part of his campaign. With his dedication and determination, Brad Chambers aims to create a better future for Pennsylvania by tackling the pressing issues that impact the lives of everyday people.