Ashley Comans

Ashley Comans

State House, District 34, PA

2024 Endorsement

Ashley is a dedicated community advocate with a strong belief in the power of giving back and creating positive change in the community. As a lifelong resident of the new 34th District, Ashley understands the importance of diversity and how it contributes to the strength of the region.

In her role as a School Board Director for the Wilkinsburg School District, Ashley has been instrumental in driving transformational changes. Over the past six years, the district has successfully lowered property taxes in the borough by more than 6 mils, making it more affordable for residents. Additionally, Ashley played a key role in the restructuring of elementary schools to provide a more streamlined focus on early and intermediate learning. As a result, the district's curriculum has been expanded to include Spanish for all students from Pre-K to 6th grade.

One noteworthy achievement came in 2019 when the school district reopened its newly renovated intermediate school. This updated facility has greatly enhanced the learning environment, ensuring that students and faculty have access to the resources needed for a high-quality education.

Ashley firmly believes that public office belongs to the people, and she is committed to fighting for affordable housing, strong public schools, and safe and healthy communities in the state house. With her passion, dedication, and deep understanding of community needs, Ashley is poised to make a significant impact in her role as a community advocate and leader.