Natalie Price

Natalie Price

State House, District 5, MI

2024 Endorsement

Natalie is a dedicated and passionate State Representative serving Michigan's 5th House District. With a background in education and public service, Natalie is committed to advocating for important issues such as equitable funding for education, reproductive justice, and gun safety measures. Her focus on unity and collaboration is evident in her belief in bringing people together, regardless of their differences, to improve the lives of all Michiganders.

Since assuming office in 2022, Natalie has made a significant impact as a legislator. She has used her influence to champion critical causes such as renter protections, medical debt relief, telemedicine parity, and progressive tax policies. By prioritizing the needs of vulnerable individuals in Michigan, Natalie aims to relieve their burdens and create a more inclusive society.

Looking towards the future, Natalie's goals include expanding important legislation if re-elected and if Michigan Democrats can expand their majority. These include measures like ending the 24-hour wait period for abortion care and ensuring Medicaid coverage for reproductive health services through the expansion of the Reproductive Health Act. She also plans to advocate for an assault weapons ban to enhance the safety of schools, theaters, and places of worship. Additionally, Natalie is dedicated to phasing out carbon-producing energy sources, including biomass, to address historical environmental racism.

Proud of the progress Michigan has made, Natalie understands that there is still work to be done. She is determined to demonstrate to voters how our communities can thrive under progressive leadership. With her unwavering commitment to the well-being of all residents, Natalie Price is striving to create a brighter future for Michigan.