Chris Ochoa

Chris Ochoa

City Council, District 1, Hesperia, CA

2024 Endorsement

Chris is a dedicated community servant who has spent significant time working on the frontlines of the COVID pandemic, within correctional facilities, on the streets of the High Desert, and in treatment clinics. With a passion for public health, Chris fearlessly delivers essential services to underserved locations that many others avoid. As a father, son, brother, uncle, and community member, Chris is deeply committed to making a positive impact on the lives of those around him.

Chris's motivation to enter the race stems from his unwavering belief in equality and justice. While researching his city's government as a student, he came across the United States v. Hesperia case, which deeply affected him. The discovery that his local government had passed an unconstitutional ordinance that targeted and evicted Latinos and African Americans from their homes struck a personal chord. Recognizing that this was an attack on people like himself, his family, and his friends, Chris felt compelled to take action.

Hesperia's pressing needs have been neglected for far too long. The community faces challenges such as deteriorating roads, limited social services, inadequate infrastructure, a dearth of well-paying jobs, an affordable housing crisis, environmental neglect, and inadequate access to healthcare and higher education. In response, Chris is determined to confront these issues head-on by focusing on investment in Community, Healing, Restoration, Innovation, and Solutions.

Seeking to leave a lasting positive impact for future generations, Chris firmly believes that meaningful change can be achieved by working together. By uniting as a community, Hesperia can become a shining example in the Victor Valley, with progress that aligns with the aspirations of its residents.