Allison Kinney-Walker

Allison Kinney-Walker

School Board, Millard, NE

2024 Endorsement

Allison, a resident of Millard, is a dedicated mother, educator, and community advocate. With four children attending Millard School District, she has been actively involved in volunteering at the schools since 2016. Allison holds a Masters Degree from Creighton University and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership from University of Nebraska-Lincoln. For the past nine years, she has served as a college professor at Nebraska Methodist College.

Outside of her professional work, Allison devotes her time to various community initiatives. As the President of her Neighborhood Association, a member of the PTO, and co-founder of Nebraskans for Educational Excellence, she actively supports and promotes community engagement. Growing up in a family of educators, Allison understands the significance of education and the importance of fostering strong school communities. Her personal experience as the daughter, granddaughter, and sister of K-12 educators has solidified her belief in the pivotal role of teachers.

Committed to actively listening, supporting, and advocating for teachers and staff in the Millard Public Schools, Allison brings a deep understanding of the challenges they face. Furthermore, with four young children attending elementary school within the Millard district, she appreciates the essential need for the right resources and support, especially for the most vulnerable students. Allison's unwavering dedication to equality drives her passion to ensure that all students within the district have equitable access and opportunities, enabling them to flourish in a safe educational environment.

With her extensive involvement in education and her unwavering commitment to supporting teachers and students, Allison is unquestionably the ideal candidate for Millard Public Schools.