Val Thomason

Val Thomason

State Assembly, District 10, NV

2024 Endorsement

Val is a dedicated single mother, community organizer, and proud member of the Teamsters. In 2019, Val faced one of the most challenging experiences of her life when she lost her work-from-home job, leading to a devastating eviction scare. Unfortunately, she quickly discovered that finding assistance during this difficult time was incredibly challenging. Childcare support had a waitlist of over a year, shelters for mothers were overcrowded, and potential employers were hesitant to hire without immediate access to childcare. Val had no choice but to start from scratch, and it took three long years to rebuild her life.

Throughout this period and beyond, Val made it her mission to champion several crucial causes: housing justice, tenant protections, workers' rights, and affordable childcare. As an active member of the Democratic Socialists of America, Val successfully mobilized her community by collecting thousands of emails and testimonies in support of legislation aimed at improving conditions for workers and tenants. However, it became painfully clear to Val that these concerns were consistently overlooked in favor of corporate interests.

Now, as a candidate for Assembly District 10, Val is determined to continue fighting for the working class and building a brighter future for Nevada. Her core commitments include advocating for Universal Childcare, Housing for All, a living wage, union protections, and strengthened tenants' rights. Notably, Val has taken a bold stance against accepting corporate contributions and vows to work tirelessly to diminish the influence of money in local politics.

Through her resilience, Val's personal journey has evolved into a passionate pursuit of a more equitable society. With her strength and dedication, Val will be a driving force in achieving meaningful change that benefits the hardworking individuals and families who deserve it most.