Leo Almeida

Leo Almeida

State Representative, House District 5, OH

2024 Endorsement

Leo is a dedicated government relations professional and community leader who brings over thirteen years of legislative experience to the table. With a strong passion for improving his community, Leo has always been driven by his humble beginnings. Growing up in a working-class family, Leo and his mother made the journey from Brazil to Ohio when he was just five years old. Despite the challenges they faced, Leo's determination led him to become the first person in his family to graduate from college and become a U.S. citizen.

Throughout his professional career, Leo has been committed to working on crucial legislative issues and advocating for the well-being of Ohioans. Currently running for State Representative, he aims to address important concerns such as expanding access to affordable and quality healthcare, driving economic growth, investing in public education, and protecting the environment. Recognizing the significance of Latino representation in the Ohio House, Leo, as a new American and a Latino himself, is dedicated to advocating for racial equity and justice.

Leo's campaign is fueled by his desire to be a champion for the neighborhoods in his area. If elected, he will prioritize the needs and aspirations of his constituents by actively listening to their concerns, being a responsive and accountable representative, and tirelessly working to improve their quality of life. With his experience and passion, Leo Almeida strives to make a positive impact within his community and create a brighter future for all.