Alec Lebovitz

Alec Lebovitz

Select Board, Brookline, MA

2024 Endorsement

Alec is a dedicated member of the Brookline community, residing in Coolidge Corner for many years. As a Town Meeting Member, he has played a crucial role in advocating for new bylaws and important warrant articles that address key areas such as financial management, public health, and housing affordability. Originally moving to Brookline as a student with his partner, Cat, Alec felt compelled to actively contribute to local government in order to bring about positive change for the community. Consequently, he is wholeheartedly committed to establishing a sense of opportunity and stability for all residents of Brookline.

Professionally, Alec has established himself as a policy analyst specializing in state and federal Medicaid policies. With a deep understanding of the healthcare system's safety net, he has witnessed firsthand the profound impact that a compassionate and data-driven approach to public policy can have on the lives of individuals. In running for the Brookline Select Board, Alec aims to champion policies that foster a more affordable, inclusive, and welcoming community for every resident.

With Alec's extensive experience in local government and his expertise in healthcare policy, he is well-equipped to advocate for the interests of the Brookline community. By leveraging his skills and passion, Alec endeavours to make Brookline a place where everyone can thrive.