Sarah Pomeroy

Sarah Pomeroy

State House of Representatives, District 10, OH

2024 Endorsement

Sarah is a Senior Assistant City Attorney in the nuisance abatement section of the Columbus City Attorney's office. With a strong background in law and a commitment to public service, she is now running as a candidate for Ohio State Representative for District 10.

Sarah's legal journey began in Washington D.C., where she worked at the prestigious law firm of Jones Day. During her time there, she focused on antitrust litigation and also took on pro bono cases involving child welfare advocacy, asylum, and social security. This demonstrated her dedication to protecting the rights and well-being of vulnerable members of the community.

For the past five years, Sarah has been prosecuting property owners who exploit low-income residents through substandard housing and safety issues. She has also worked collaboratively with businesses, community groups, and law enforcement to create safer neighborhoods. This work requires strong connections with the community and the ability to navigate complex government systems in order to bring about tangible improvements to the quality of life in Columbus.

Sarah understands that many Ohioans are not receiving the home, work, and education opportunities they deserve. She believes that the current representatives of District 10 do not adequately represent the inclusiveness and needs of the community, including the need for stable housing, safe neighborhoods, and education for future job opportunities.

As a seasoned attorney, dedicated community leader, and advocate for justice, Sarah is committed to being an advocate for the people. She brings a unique combination of professional expertise and personal warmth to her campaign, embodying the qualities needed for positive change in District 10.