Angel Carroll

Angel Carroll

State House, District 52, TX

2024 Endorsement

Angel is a native of District 52, with a background in education and a passion for advocating data-driven solutions. Drawing from personal experiences in the juvenile justice and child welfare system, Angel is committed to improving outcomes for individuals involved in these systems. As an undergraduate, Angel's powerful testimony before the Texas Supreme Court and Texas Criminal Court of Appeals led to the establishment of a state-level Judicial Commission focused on mental health issues. Her tireless efforts in criminal justice reform earned her an appointment to the Texas Juvenile Justice Advisory Board at just 23 years old.

Throughout the past decade, Angel has been a strong advocate for local and statewide policies, emphasizing areas such as public education, mental health services, criminal justice reform, and civil rights. Witnessing the passage of destructive and dangerous legislation in the 88th State Legislature was a turning point for Angel, propelling her decision to run for office.

Angel firmly believes that her community deserves a leader who champions legislation based on personal experience, rather than just proximity to power. With a deep appreciation for the community that raised her, Angel sees her campaign as an opportunity to give back and be a true return on the investment made by her constituents.