Evan MacKay

Evan MacKay

State Representative, 25th Middlesex District, MA

2024 Endorsement

Evan is a dedicated professional with a passion for social change. With a background in sociology, Evan has developed a deep understanding of the structural issues affecting our society. Their research has led them to focus on important areas such as tax reform, criminal justice, and government transparency.

Coming from a family dedicated to public service, Evan has been shaped by their parents' careers in education and healthcare. Growing up in an environment that welcomed and supported over a hundred foster children, Evan became acutely aware of the challenges faced by the foster care system and the issue of housing instability. This firsthand experience continues to drive their advocacy for systemic change.

Recognizing the power of organized labor, Evan has actively participated in their union, the Harvard Graduate Students Union-UAW. As President of their local union, Evan has fought for fair wages, safe and inclusive workplaces, and necessary transformations in higher education. Through their involvement, they have also worked towards bringing greater transparency and accountability to the United Auto Workers.

Now, Evan seeks to represent the 25th Middlesex District in Cambridge, Massachusetts as a state representative. Valuing the community's progressive values, they prioritize affordable housing, progressive taxation, strong job opportunities, and a government that is transparent and accountable.

Evan's commitment to social justice and their understanding of the issues facing our community make them an excellent candidate for this important role. They are dedicated to advocating for the needs of the people and creating positive change at the state level.