Chastity Youngblood

Chastity Youngblood

Judge, Third Circuit Court, Wayne County, MI

2024 Endorsement

Chastity is a native of Detroit, MI, and brings 14 years of trial experience as an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney in the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office. During her tenure, she specialized in the Conviction Integrity Unit, where she utilized her extensive trial experience to successfully exonerate individuals who were wrongfully convicted in Wayne County. Notably, she played a crucial role in freeing three individuals serving life sentences for crimes they did not commit.

Beyond her dedication to rectifying wrongful convictions, Chastity remains deeply committed to ensuring the safety of Wayne County communities. With her profound understanding of the needs and challenges faced by individuals affected by the justice system, she seeks to use her skills and knowledge to serve as a Third Circuit Court Judge.

Chastity's primary objective is to establish a justice system that guarantees equal access to court services and equitable justice for all. Her aim is to bridge the gap between communities and the justice system through compassionate representation, impartiality, and integrity on the bench.

Driven by her passion for public service, community engagement, and criminal and civil justice reform, Chastity Youngblood is determined to restore faith and trust in the judicial process. She strives to create a fair, inclusive, and responsive environment that addresses the unique needs of the community.

By electing Chastity as a Third Circuit Court Judge, Wayne County communities can expect a justice system that is both effective and compassionate, ensuring that justice is served for everyone.