Cassandra Hernandez

Cassandra Hernandez

State House, District 115, TX

2024 Endorsement

Cassandra is a trial lawyer and Democratic party advocate running for State Representative in the 2024 election. With a legal background and a passion for public service, she is committed to taking on a leadership role in government. By engaging in grassroots initiatives such as block walking and fundraising, Cassandra demonstrates her support for Democratic causes and dedication to addressing the needs of Texans.

Her main focus is on practical solutions for key issues like education funding, healthcare access, and public safety, leveraging her experience in community engagement and policy advocacy. She is focused on creating economic opportunities, ensuring affordable housing, and addressing challenges like the Fentanyl epidemic through a servant leadership approach.

Cassandra's collaborative and solution-driven style showcases her ability to effectively represent the interests of HD115 constituents. As a candidate, she brings a combination of experience, integrity, and a clear vision for driving positive change in her community.