Joél-Léhi Organista

Joél-Léhi Organista

Salt Lake School Board, Precinct 1, UT

Joél-Léhi was born in Mexico City, Mexico, and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. Joél-Léhi has spent over a decade leading in educational issues across the country.

Joél-Léhi did all his public schooling in the Salt Lake School District (SLSD), where he graduated from West High School in 2010 with the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma. His Bachelor's Degree is in Social Justice Pedagogy. He earned a Master’s Degree from Columbia University in Sociology and Education, and a second Master's Degree from the University of Utah in Business Creation.

Joél-Léhi is an educator that has taught at Horizonte within the SLSD. He teaches a decolonized leadership course at the University of Utah and has been an appointed member of the Utah State Board of Education’s Equity Committee. He’s currently the National President of the Education for Liberation Network, a nonprofit of predominantly youth, educators, and parents of color organizers for education justice issues. Named as one of Utah’s 20 in their 20s by Utah Business; Joél-Léhi is a social entrepreneur that created the EdTech startup Machitia, which is the space for educators to share best practices and transformative lesson plans.

When Joél-Léhi was 18 years old, he was invited to present at the United Nations IV World Congress on Child and Adolescent Rights. He co-founded the National Student Bill of Rights Movement and is the LULAC National Vice President of Youth with the largest and oldest Latino civil rights organization in the country. He knows Spanish, English, Japanese, Portuguese, and Nahuatl.