Michael Bennett-Spears

Michael Bennett-Spears

Arkansas House, District 87, AR

Michael is running for the State House, District 87 because we need someone in the legislature who listens to and understands the stories of everyday Arkansans.

Michael grew up in rural Northeastern Arkansas watching his parents work hard and struggle to make ends meet; a fair living wage is personal to him. Our community voted for wage increases, and we need a representative who will respect our vote.

Michael witnessed firsthand the struggle to access affordable healthcare: No Arkansan should have to experience this heartache because they can’t afford insurance.

Michael attended a small, underfunded public school until he went to Arkansas School for Mathematics, Sciences, and the Arts; he wants to go to Little Rock to support our public schools and our teachers, so every student has the opportunities he did without leaving their home.

Michael has heard so many similar experiences from folks across the state. Arkansas is growing and we need a voice in Little Rock to fight for everyday Arkansans. Michael is ready to bring our stories to Little Rock and get to work.